Managing Profiles

There are two types of profiles: logger and gateway profiles. A logger profile contains the settings used to set up and start the logger, such as the logging interval, start mode, alarm limits, and the option to use the logger with the InTempVerify app. Default preset profiles with commonly used settings are available for all CX series loggers except for CX450 loggers, which require that you create a profile. You can also create optional custom profiles for all other CX loggers as needed. All enabled profiles are available in the InTemp app when configuring any loggers associated with your account and can be selected when configuring the logger with the gateway or setting up shipments. Note: Preset profiles do not have the ”InTempVerify (ITV) Enabled” option selected. If you want anyone to be able to download the logger with the InTempVerify app, then you will need to create a new profile.

A gateway profile contains the settings used to connect to and download loggers via thegateway. This allows you to automatically download loggers within range of the gateway every 12 hours (CX500, CX600, and CX700 loggers only), day, week, or month.

Note: Only administrators and users with required privileges can manage profiles.